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Things I am excited for!

1) Living somewhere new next year with new people!!
2) Getting a driver's license, FINALLY.
3) Taking and killing the GRE (pending massive amounts of cramming).
4) Roadtrip to California in June with Michael.
5) Applying to grad schools!
6) CTY this summer in California, w00t!
7) Maybe, just maybe, getting a promotion at work? We'll see about that one.
8) Purchasing a maidenhair fern as soon as I find one in Seattle.

That's all I can remember for now and I really should get to sleep because I have work so early, but I'm so excited I don't know if I can fall asleep!

What's going on?

Like many other bloggers, I will start this blog off by saying it has been forever since my last post. And what a life-shattering post it was, that last one.

The Light Stuff:
- Itunes Genius is GENIUS. This thing makes playlists way better than any of the ones I ever made. It looks like a machine is better at understanding my music tastes than I am.
- My family has been keeping life to the minimal acceptable level of interestingness. My mom and sister aren't talking and they don't even know who started it (story of their lives!). My dad got diagnosed with diabetes and created a very cost-effective way to deal with it. He became a medical guinea pig and now they're paying him! This is a good year for him I guess because he's getting Social Security as of next month. I filled out the forms for him online... "So when was the last time you "worked", ie paid taxes?" "That'd be 1986." Ha. Between Sarah and I we have a LOT of discounts at various stores.
-My identity may have been stolen. And my bank refuses to talk to me.

The Life Updates:
- Since my last post I moved to Santa Cruz for the summer, moved back, and then moved to Seattle. A LOT of moving. And I'll tell you, I never ever wanna do it again!
- I'm highly employed but pretty underemployed. Two retail jobs and an online tutoring job is what a Bachelor's in Nuclear/Particle Physics gets you these days, kids! I was briefly being considered for a real job but blew my chances at that by getting in a horrible fight with James like 20 minutes before my interview (not my fault whatsoever).
- Starting to feel a little more comfortable at my jobs. The first month was rough and I assumed that it would be easy, but there is honestly a lot more to it than folding things and ringing up stuff. I still feel like my brain is melting away though.
- My apartment is starting to feel slightly like a home. This may be because the many incarnations of appalling messiness it has gone through.
- Nasty Seattle weather is starting to poke its little nose into my life. Fall is coming to a close here, and what a beautiful Fall it was.

That's all because it is no earlier than 3:17am and I'm sure tomorrow I will have to delete incoherent parts of this post.

Oh, and I'm gonna be legal soon!

LUSH wishlist

I have an addiction, and its not Dr.Pepper.
1. Enzymion Moisturizer
2. Angels on Bare Skin
3. Karma Soap
4. Extra Virgin Olive Soap
5. 17 Cherry Tree Lane
6. Red Rooster Soap
7. Queen of Hearts Complexion Soap
8. Temptation Soap
9. The Sicilian Bath Bomb
10. Youki Hi Bath Bomb
11. Happy Bubble Bar
12. Catastrophe Cosmetic
13. Brazened Honey
14. Love Lettuce

New Baby

ZOMG, I am using the new baby laptop! It is so incredibly small. and blue! not used to the tiny keyboard yet though. Wireless works great just out of box, i think this OS is actually not too bad, but i am not entirely sure yet. My mom is using my current computer, amazing!!


I sit awake, for the second night in a row, waiting to hear the break-in and to see the ghoulish face standing over me.

And then I lay silently for several minutes, in the pitch black, trying to convince myself that gruesome murders of entire families in the middle of the night are awfully rare. And anyway, who would want to kill us all?
But after a few minutes, my brain loses and my growing fear takes over as shapes materialize and vaporize in the darkness.

Why am I so scared? No one has ever broken in here, yet I am convinced that on one of the few nights I am here, it will happen. In fact, several hours ago, convinced that someone had gotten in the side door, I woke my mom up and made her check with me. Of course, no one was there and our easily-spooked cats were still fast asleep.

What the hell is wrong with me?

Aug. 23rd, 2008

UCDLJ is full of fucking retards.


I had everything all planned out for my trip. My flight is Sept 12th, 10:50 a.m. out of SFO. The plan was to go home for a few days, then go down to Santa Rosa on the 9th or 10th and drive to SFO with James and his parents. Now I'm told that I have to leave from Sacramento because ALL OF THE SUDDEN, it is so important that my family (that never visits me anyway) see me off on my flight. With the longer drive, I now have to wake up at 3 a.m. on the 12th and deal with a cranky family. I can already imagine my mom frantically asking me if I have everything I need, etc. And then I have to attempt finding James in the hoards of people that will be at an unfamiliar airport. "You'll be able to find him, you have cell phones." Newsflash, my cellphone service ends on Sept 9th and I will be unable to communicate with him. And anyway, nobody even cared about this when I had planned the flight in May, and now all the members of the family seem to be getting teary-eyed about me leaving when they had no problem virtually ignoring me for the last three years.
My plans have been ruined.